Collection: Luscious Body Brulee Scrubs

Skin Softening Exfoliant


Our Luscious Body Brûlées are an amazing hybrid of, body wash-meets-sugar scrub!! This unique formula offers an incredible multi benefit experience in the shower. You can gently exfoliate your body while you’re engulfed in a steam cleanse of delicious Dessert scents that will fill your entire bathroom! This hybrid formula allows our skin softening exfoliant to lather like a soap while gently removing dead skin and dirt to reveal soft, smooth skin. Unlike the coarse and harsh traditional body scrubs, our Luscious Body Brûlées are creamy, which makes a perfect lather for shaving your legs too!! It’s time to elevate your scrub to a Brûlée!!

***Only 1 jar of Body Brûlée is included in the price, no other items pictured are included

4oz Jars