Collection: Luscious Lip Glaze

Introducing our newest addition to the Bakery Beauty Collections, Luscious Lip Glaze! Not to be confused with basic lip gloss, our Lip Glazes are formulated to create a soft silky feel on dry, dull lips that won't leave your lips sticky/tacky. Not only did we combine this glaze formula with our signature Dessert flavors, our Luscious Lip Glazes will taste amazing as well!! With a subtle yet sweet taste, you will enjoy the experience of wearing, smelling, AND tasting our Luscious Lip Glazes EVERY time ....EVERYDAY!!


ALLERGEN INFORMATION: Contains Tree Nuts and Soy


***Lip Glazes are safe to apply on lips but they are not food products, do not consume*** 


***Only 1 Lip Glaze (10ml tube) per purchase is included in price, not 3 as pictured.